The Peeps Process

We are The Peeps Foundation, a 501c3 organization dedicated to helping any miniature horse in need. Over the years, we have rescued approximately 500 miniature horses, and rehomed about 450 of them. Our goal is to give every mini a chance to live its’ very best life and what we have learned is that every situation is unique, and some minis need more specialized care than others. Because of this, we developed two separate chapters: Rescue & Rehoming and The Sanctuary.

Rescue & Rehoming

The Rescue & Rehoming branch of The Peeps Foundation focuses on finding miniature horses in need of new homes.

Our process is fairly straightforward; once a mini(s) has been rescued or taken in, they undergo a 30-day quarantine and have a PCR test done to make sure they are healthy. In this 30-day time period, the minis are evaluated and start to receive basic horse care and maintenance (teeth, feet, worming etc.) and lots of TLC. Once they are released from quarantine, and they meet our health requirements, we will match them to their new forever home!

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary branch of The Peeps Foundation specializes in providing very specific long-term care for dwarf and regular minis with special needs.

With over 25 special needs miniature horses currently in permanent residence with us, our firsthand experience and connection to the best vets and farriers have made The Peeps Foundation a real-life safe haven for some of the most in-need minis that are alive today.  And our sanctuary division is not limited to dwarves – we have several regular miniatures who have very specific needs and requirements that the average home can’t provide. Some of their ailments include blindness, founder, extreme physical neglect and abuse to name just a few. All of our care & corrective shoeing is done in house, and our knowledge and experience has made The Peeps Foundation second to none in giving the best shot for our little ones to have a healthy, sound life.

If you have any questions on donating or volunteering please go to our contact page and shoot us an email!


What’s a Miniature Horse?

Miniature horses are found in many nations, particularly in Europe and the Americas. The designation of miniature horse is determined by the height of the animal, which, depending on the particular breed registry involved, is usually less than 34–38 inches (86–97 cm) as measured at the last hairs of the mane, which are found at the withers. While miniature horses are the size of a very small pony, many retain horse characteristics and are considered “horses” by their respective registries. They have various colors and coat patterns.

Miniature horses

Meet Our Minis

We have a group of minis we care for permanently, in addition to those we are looking to find homes for, and we would love for you to meet them.​

We are always looking for forever homes for rescued minis. If you are interested in adopting one, please fill out the form on our adopt a mini page. If you know of a mini in need, please contact us. Or if you want to donate to our charity email us for details.

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