Oreo is a very cute, easy going, friendly pinto stallion who just came to the Peeps foundation middle of October. Our plan is to geld him in the next few weeks but he’s available anytime to a loving home



Amy is a very small 9 year old mare who’s lived most of her life in a field and is slowly starting to come around to people! She needs a home who can give her extra time and love. There’s no doubt she’ll become a farm favorite with just a little time.



Lucy is a beautiful coming 3 year old mare who came to us a little shy but has turned into a lovely, friendly and outgoing mare in just a short time. She’s gets along great with other minis, horses and goats!



Maybe is a beautiful and very small chestnut and white pinto mare, she’s 6 years old and possibly pregnant. She came to our foundation just a few short weeks ago very shy and unsure but has quickly warmed up to people and loves to be groomed.



Robin is a 2010 mare who just came to the foundation 06-25-17. She’s a beautiful mare with a colt that’s just a few weeks old on her side, the colt is chestnut with blue eyes!! She’s trying to come out of her shell but needs some extra TLC.



Sundae is a very small little mare about 28″ tall, quite friendly and great around the barn. She is 20 years young and has some sort of an allergy that causes her eye lids to swell. She is available only to a very appropriate home due to her age and care.