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Peeps Is The Life Of The Party

From Rescue To Mascot, Peeps Is The Life Of The Party

The U.S. team of impressive jumpers might have won the evening in the $100,000 FEI Nations Cup, but for many spectators, the true equine star on Feb. 27 was much smaller.

As Nations Cup mascot, Peeps, a dwarf miniature horse, was decked out in patriotic attire complete with a custom cooler, leg wraps and a colorful hairdo detailed with ribbons. She was the U.S. team’s biggest fan during Week 8 of the Winter Equestrian Festival (Fla.) and raised the spirit of spectators to an even higher level as they crowded around to give her a pat, or kids a hug.


Olympic Mascot In Rio

Show Jumper Ben Maher Has A New Olympic Mascot In Rio

Top British show jumper Ben Maher added a new horse to his string just before the start of the Winter Equestrian Festival, and while the ownership change might have been under the deadline for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, this one’s not really a team prospect.